When in Rome

During last week, 36 Danish companies joined Denmark’s Crown Prince Couple to promote Danish products and services in Italy.

Six of them, including Grundfos, are in the Urban & Cleantech category, which Italy is paying special attention to – The Boot Country is committed to integrate more renewable energy to cut CO2 emissions.

“Italy’s ambitions to save energy are perfectly aligned with our expertise, which focuses exactly on saving energy and optimising water usage. Energy checks and pump audits already represent more than 12% of our CBS business. Clearly there is a market need to make the Italian building stock more energy efficient,” says Francesco Magri, General Manager, Grundfos Pompe Italia.

Scalable to Italy

Our man in Italy also reports a lot of interest from Italian Water Utilities in our DDD Solution.

“With 22 systems sold so far, this is clearly a winner,” adds Francesco Magri.

These sentiments are emphasised by Poul Due Jensen, Group Executive Vice President, who was also part of the Grundfos contingent in Rome.

“Water resources represent one of the largest global challenges, and solutions towards an efficient supply are necessary to ensure future water resources. The Italian goals give room for our clean energy solutions, which are scalable to an Italian context and can help ensure a fossil-free society,” says Poul Due Jensen.

2000 years old

He joined HRH Crown Prince Frederik and other participants for a trip down the Roman underground. Here, they inspected the Aqua Vergine – a 24 kilometres long, 2000 years old underground water aqueduct, which for centuries has delivered water to the city of Rome.

“It is fascinating to consider for a moment that these inventions and this craftmanship, developed thousands of years ago, still function to this day. It reminds everyone how important water distribution is for the development and liveability of urban spaces,” says Poul Due Jensen.