Silhorko-Eurowater specialises in pure water treatment with a broad product range, years of experience and technical know-how. The company supplies complete solutions to a broad range of industries and application areas, including boiler water, process water, cooling water, rinse water and drinking water. The water treatment plants build on a quality principle of longevity and minimal need for maintenance.

Founded in 1937, Silhorko-Eurowater was acquired by Grundfos in October 2020 and plays an important role in Grundfos’ ambition and purpose to pioneer solutions to the world’s water challenges and improve quality of life for people.


MECO holds unique expertise within water treatment and water purification and brings deep process knowledge and experience, reliable solutions as well as advanced technology to its customers. MECO provides clean water treatment equipment and solutions for Light Industry customers. With its proprietary Vapour Compression, MECO holds a leading position and has strong references in Pharmaceutical water treatment.