Grundfos is its people. We strive to create a workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion, and play an active role in society.



28% drop

Our lost time injuries per million working hours dropped 28% compared with 2019.


Ghana Water Initiative Project

It aims to provide basic water to communities in Ghana and help to improve their quality of life by creating jobs around water stations.

24% female leaders

Of the total leadership population, 24% of our leaders were female.


Our solutions

Doing good and doing business in Ghana

In 2019 we began the Ghana Water Initiative in a public-private partnership with local water authorities to pilot water system business models for small towns, a programme that could be extended to other countries. As the first site, we will serve the town of Abomosu, Ghana.

Also in Abomosu, Ghana, we piloted our social impact tool, developed by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). The tool is intended to provide insights on projects, looking into a community’s needs and developmental potential, as well as flagging potential negative human rights impacts. 


Morten Thougaard Nielsen 

Lead Project Manager, Ghana Water Initiative

Our operations

Health and safety

This year the lost-time injuries per million working hours rate dropped 28% to 1.81 from 2.52 in 2019.

We introduced a new digital simulation tool to study ergonomic impacts and released Risk Awareness Virtual Reality (VR) training for our employees to learn in a safe environment. Users can experience a range of scenarios that were developed from actual cases reported in previous years.

Mental well-being

This year, we launched new e-learning tools that address stress prevention and mitigation. They are available in nine languages. it includes understanding what stress is, managing work demand, and strategies for creating a sense of calm and ease.

Diversity and inclusion

The Gender Diversity in Leadership 2018-2020 programme came to an end this year. the proportion of women rose and came really close to our target. We made substantial progress in graduate recruitment, but did not manage to reach our ambition of women in senior leadership (ELT).

Currently, 3.1% of our workforce are employees with reduced work capacity. Our goal is to reach 5% by 2025. 

Employee Motivation and Satisfaction

The participation in our Employee Motivation and Satisfaction survey was about 95%. The overall satisfaction and improvement score is 77.

Human rights and forced labour

We conducted human right impact assessment in Ghana, where we also piloted our social impact tool. To strengthen our efforts to prevent and address harassment in the workplacem we released the Grundfos Harassment Prevention Policy. 

Our partnerships

This year, Water2Life celebrated its 10th anniversary and close its project in Honduras. Since the programme started, a total of just over DKK 4.9 million has been raised to bring basic water to communities in the developing world, providing water to around 60,000 people in Kenya, Vietnam, and Honduras.

A community engagement platform to measure and record the time and money that employees allocate to help their local communities.

Image: A portrait of a family in Palos Blancos, Honduras, where Water2Life made a difference