Moving and preserving water in an energy-efficient way is our business. This is where we can make a positive difference.



1 million people

With Grundfos Safe Water initiatives, we have achieved our goals to provide basic water access for 1 million people in 2020.

Partnership with C40

Our partnership with C40, an organisation created and led by megacities, continues to provide a strong foundation for cities to tackle drought and flooding issues due to climate change.


Our solutions

Treating and reusing water in industry

Our ambition is to enable our end-users to save 50 billion m³ of water by 2030 through water efficiency and water reuse. We do this by building on the foundation we already have: quality pumps that are used in industrial water treatment systems.

Some of our solutions include: Grundfos dosing and disinfecting solutions, Grundfos Smart Filtration Suite and Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution, which supported a water supply plant in Italy to save 58,000 m³ of water with an annual energy saving of around 110,000 kWh.

Grundfos SafeWater

Our business unit SafeWater provides and improves access to clean and safe water. This year, we have achieved our goal to improve access to clean and safe water for 1 million people.

This year also marks the last year of a five year program with World Vision, with the goal to reach 2 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa with clean water, and with 2.4 million people reached, we have surpassed this goal. 

Video: Water reuse turns wastewater into resource at our plant, Bjerringbro.

We must keep innovating and continue to make bold choices to bring even more energy-efficient solutions to the market.
Ulrik Gernow, Group Executive Vice President, CCO

Pia Yasuko Rask, Director of SafeWater

Our operations

In 2020 we used the World Resources Institute water risk map to chart all of our sites, using the findings to draw up a five-year plan to address the challenges that were identified. The initiative found that 44 of our sites are located in waterstress areas.

In 2020, we withdrew 318,469 m³ of water, 67,591 m³ less than in 2019, and a 51% reduction compared with 2008. The figures suggest that we have reached our 2025 goal to halve our water withdrawal against the 2008 baseline.

We are currently looking into what we will do next.

Image: Our water withdrawal by source



Our partnerships

By strengthening our network of global partners, we can achieve our ambition of providing a safe, reliable and sustainable supply of water anywhere to anyone.

We are active members of the City Advisory Group in C40, support the EU Water Framework Directive and the W12 congress. 

Video: The Annaikeni pond in Chennai, India is once again a source of clean fresh water for the surrounding population thanks to the partnership between Grundfos India and Environmentalist Foundation of India.