New Zealand's first fully mobile pumping training centre


Our brand new Mobile Training Unit brings the Grundfos Training Program to you and your team.
So now you can maximise the value and performance of your Grundfos equipment without needing to send key staff away from work.

The Mobile Training Unit can go anywhere a 4WD vehicle can, so we’ll meet you where your Grundfos equipment is installed – from an industrial site to a remote reservoir or back paddock.

Once on-site, the Training Team can provide expert insights and hands-on experience in:

  • Basic Hydraulics and Pumping Essentials
  • Service – Introduction
  • Service – Groundwater
  • Solar Pumping Systems
  • Hydro Boosters

…or we can tailor the training to suit your needs.

Call us now to discuss your training needs. 

Our unique training and demonstration mobile
training centre means we can bring hands-on
advice to your pumping site, anywhere.

On-site training alleviates expensive travel 
costs and ensures key staff members aren't
 kept away from work.

Tailored training to ensure your business
reaches their goals sooner, while creating
a more personalised experience.


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