Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT operation modes

Get an understanding of the three available operation modes with the Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT hot water recirculation pump.

Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT comes with two temperature sensors. One built-in and one external.When installing, the pump is mounted on the return pipe and the external sensor is mounted on the supply pipe, fastened using the strip.To operate properly, the sensor must be placed between 25 to 50 centimetres from the discharge port of the hot water source.

COMFORT with AUTOADAPT has three operation modes that you can easily change from the pump display:
AUTOADAPT, 100% and TEMPERATURE. But how do the different operation modes work?

Let's start by looking at AUTOADAPT, which is the default setting. Once installed, the pump will start running, ensuring maximum user comfort from day one. At the same time, the pump will start detecting when there is a demand for hot water by measuring the temperature difference between the two sensors. These “tapping events” are continuously stored in an internal 14-day calendar. After a short period of time the pump has learned the consumption pattern of the household.It will then only run when needed – on average, about 3 hours a day– saving up to 96% electricity and 48% of pipe heat losses.

In the 100% mode the pump will run continuously at full speed. While this ensures ample hot water around the clock, it is at the cost of no electricity or heat savings And finally, we have the TEMPERATURE mode. It keeps the temperature within a defined range controlled by the temperature settings t-stop and t-start. These are calculated according to the maximum temperature measured by the two sensors. In temperature mode you will save electricity, but the heat savings will be less.

Together, the three modes ensure a virtually fail-safe and user-friendly pump, where comfort is never jeopardised. In the unlikely event that the sensor fails, the pump will automatically switch to temperature mode to secure the homeowners comfort. That was a brief introduction to the Grundfos COMFORT AUTOADAPT operation modes: AUTOADAPT, 100% and TEMPERATURE,  ensuring maximum comfort in your home.

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