Installation and setup of the Grundfos COMFORT DT, with digital timer control

Find out how to install and setup your Grundfos COMFORT DT and learn about the benefits of its digital timer.

If you want to be fully in control when the pump is operating, the Comfort with digital timer has an integrated digital timer.
With the timer function you can customise the pump's operating periods, ensuring optimal comfort while minimising power consumption and heat losses from the pipes.

Grundfos COMFORT DT with digital timer control is easy to install.

First, mount the pump on the return pipe and then connect it to a power outlet.

When you turn on the power, you will notice that the 100% text lights up in green. This means that the pump is running 100% around the clock.
You will also notice that the yellow current time indicator is blinking at the 6 o’clock position.

To set the actual time, press the top button.
Having done so, a cogwheel symbol lights up in green to indicate that the pump is in ‘settings’ mode.

Press the right button to move the Current time indicator to the actual time.
When done, press the left button to set the current time.

Now the factory-default timer setting which makes the pump run between 6 and 9am, 11am and 1pm, and 4 and 9pm will light up in green.

Press the top button if you want to confirm the default setting, and you will see the clock-symbol lights up.
This indicates that the pump is now running in timer mode.

Instead of confirming the factory-default settings, you can make your own.
You can do that by pressing the top button, and the start point will blink at the 24 hours position. Move the point by continuously pressing the right button.
You can deselect a selected time slot by pressing the left button. If you want to select more time slots, press the right button continuously to go to an unselected slot then press the left button to select this slot.

This way you can tailor the time setting to match the consumption pattern of the household.

When you are happy with the settings, press the top button.

As before, you can see that the pump is running in timer mode, as the clock symbol is lit up in green. You use the top button to change the operation mode of the pump. Press once, and the pump will go to 100% mode.

Press again, and the pump will enter settings mode. And press again to return to timer-mode.

That was a brief introduction to the installation and setup of Grundfos COMFORT DT with digital timer control, to provide maximum comfort in your home.

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