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Grundfos remote support

Get live expert assistance

Got a problem in your pump system? With Grundfos Remote Support, you’ll get fast and easy online support. Via a live video transmission, one of our technical experts will identify your problem and help you solve it as quickly as possible – regardless of whether it’s a troubleshooting, commissioning or maintenance issue.

How does it work?

All you need to use Grundfos Remote Support is a smartphone, access to a cellular provider and the “Visual Support” app. If a problem occurs in your pump system, just contact your local Grundfos service team. They will set you up with a technical expert, who will assess the issue and confirm that it can be solved remotely. You’ll receive a video link on your phone and the expert will provide you with live feedback and guidance. It’s the easiest and fastest form of remote problem-solving! 

Got any questions?

Eager to learn more about Grundfos Remote Support? Our experts will happily take you through it and answer your questions. Feel free to get in touch and let us explain what Grundfos Remote Support can do for you.

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