Passionate about water

844 million people living without access to safe water, of which the majority live in the least developed countries. By 2030, the world will face a 40% shortfall between demand and supply of water.

We are living at a time when our technology and know-how about water can save lives. It is a privilege and a responsibility we are deeply aware of and wish to impart to all of Grundfos employees. We continue to apply our core competency in moving, conserving, cleaning and bringing safe water to where it is needed. In short, to address the global water crisis, one drop at a time.


This powerful employee-initiated programme brought clean water to tens of thousands of people in Vietnam and Kenya and currently, in Honduras.


It represents our commitment to providing customised sustainable water solutions to serving low-income communities in the developing world.

Water and Energy Challenge

With a booming world population, the world needs new ways to better utilise its limited resources. Switching to innovative and energy-efficient solutions will save over 2 billion m3 of our freshwater supplies.

Partnership for water

Partnerships are essential to making a global impact and even more essential when making an impact in unknown or unchartered territory. This is often the case when we bring water to new, remote or rural areas. 

The winning combination is smart technology and educated consumers. Through our partners, we can combine our know-how with local knowledge. This helps us to operate in these new regions and guide local communities into the hows of adopting these technologies.

Grundfos in society