Get the case story: Carlsberg taps into process water reuse with onsite treatment

Carlsberg brewery wants to cut its water use by 50% by 2030. The initiative, Zero Water Waste, is part of Carlsberg’s Together Towards Zero program. In its production facility in Fredericia, Denmark, Carlsberg has developed a Total Water Management treatment plant with consultants, universities and technology providers like Grundfos. The onsite facility treats used process water from mainly cleaning purposes, purifies it to drinking water quality and sends it back to the brewery to be reused as process water. The plant recovers and reuses 90% of its process water.

Think of what we can now do. We can actually recycle and close the circuit, making process water available again. It’s fantastic.

Søren Nøhr Bak, Expertise Director of Water, NIRAS

Grundfos supplied:

For Carlsberg Denmark’s Total Water Management plant in Fredericia, Grundfos worked with Pantarein and Carlsberg to identify the most optimal pumps and dosing systems for the entire treatment and purification process. This includes:

  • Submersible SL wastewater pumps and mixers
  • NB end suction pumps for circulation among the biological tanks and biogas washer
  • Complete dosing cabinets with digital dosing pumps, piping and accessories needed for all treatment steps as well as UF-RO membrane CIP
  • Powerful CR vertical multistage pumps for the RO system
  • Complete systems 
    • Oxyperm Pro for disinfection
    • POLYDOS for polymer production unit
  • DID for monitoring and control of water disinfection

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