DP drainage pump for pumping drainage water and groundwater



The Grundfos DP pumps are designed for pumping drain water and groundwater from installations in or around private housing, farms and small industrial plants. These pumps are also ideal for flood-relief applications and as utility pumps in farming, industry, etc.

DP pumps are fitted with a suction strainer, on which the pump stands. The suction strainer allows for the passage of solid particles of up to 10 mm in size, which is the maximum free passage size through DP pumps. The strainer is easy to dismantle for cleaning or for inspection of the pump hydraulics.

The impeller for the DP range is of a semi-open multivane design. The impeller clearance can easily be adjusted simply by tightening or loosening the adjustment screws at the bottom of the suction cover.

Pumped liquids

The pumps are suitable for:

  • Drainage and surface water
  • Groundwater
  • Industrial process water without solids or fibres.

Features and benefits

  • Cable plug connection
  • Unique clamp connection
  • Specially designed lifting handle
  • Unique cartridge shaft seal
  • Modular design
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings.


  • Cable plug connection
  • Unique clamp connection
  • Cartridge shaft seal



DP – Product brochure

SEG, DP, EF, AND SL (AUTOadapt ranges) (Product brochure)

Wastewater transfer as you’ve never seen it before

Grundfosliterature-3065914.pdf (4 MB)

DP – product brochure

GRUNDFOS DP and EF ranges, wastewater pumps 0.6 – 2.6 kW (Product brochure)

The Grundfos DP and EF range of pumps are designed for pumping drainage and surface water and wastewater with small impurities from installations in or around housing, farms and small industry. These pumps are also available with AUTOADAPT features that remove all external sensors, switches and cables from the well pit. With AUTOADAPT, installation, commissioning and operation are simplified, increasing reliability.

Grundfosliterature-3223346.pdf (474 KB)

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