End-of-Life Information for CIM & CIU

Grundfos CIM and CIU products must be disposed of according to local regulations by using a public or private waste collection service. If this is not possible, contact the nearest Grundfos company or service workshop.

Safety risks

  • There is no risk for people during the disassembly process posed by the materials used for the product.
  • There is no risk for people during the handling process for the product.

Disassembly of the product

CIM and CIU modules can all be considered electronic scrap, and should be handled as such. Disassembly is not necessary, except for CIU units with Lithium battery. Only tool needed is a PZ screw driver.
The battery is secured with Velcro tape, and can easily be removed by opening the lid of the CIU box (4x screws). Unplug the battery cable plug from its socket, and gently pull the battery off the Velcro. The battery itself shall be recycled according to local regulations.

Pos. NoDesignationMaterialSpecial disassembly considerations
BMiddle layerPC FR 
CMain housingPC FR 
DCIM ModuleElectronics (PCB) 
EPower moduleElectronics (PCB) 
Additional materials:Metal, rubber sealing