DDI 222

End-of-Life Information
Grundfos DDI Pumps must be disposed of according to local regulations by using a public or private waste collection service. If this is not possible, contact the nearest Grundfos company or service workshop.
To identify the specific product materials, please check the Type key available in the product nameplate as described in the product´s Installation and operating instructions.

Safety Risk

Safety related to materials used

  • The materials used in DDI pumps do not pose any health risk to the person handling them. Please observe the corresponding indications in the Installation and operating instructions for taking the product out of operation.

Safety related to handling the product

  • The required safety measures for handling the chemical being dosed with this pump should be taken. The parts in contact with the fluid should be rinsed and cleaned before disposal in an environmentally sound way.
  • The product should be taken out of operation according to the recommendations described in the Installation and operating instructions.
  • Care should be taken when handling the pump due to its weight.

Disassembly of the Product

Depending on the pump model, the materials of the product components are:

  • Stainless Steel of different grades
  • Thermoplastics of different compositions
  • Elastomers of different compositions
  • Composites
  • Aluminium
  • Electronic scrap

The pump is assembled by using Torx T20, T25 and Hexagon screws, and can therefore be disassembled with standard tools.


DesignationNameMaterialSpecial Disassembly Consideration
1BLDC MotorFulling FL57BLS03 
2Dosing headPVC or PP or PVDF or SS 1.4401 
3Check valve bodyPVC or PP or PVDF or SS 1.4401 
4Valve ball cagePVC or PP or PVDF or SS 1.4401 
5Valve ballGlass or Ceramic or PTFE or SS 1.4401 
6Valve ball seatFKM or EPDM or PTFE 
7O-ringFKM or EPDM or PTFE 
8Idem 3Idem 3 
9DiaphragmPTFE / SS 1.4401 
10Dosing head plate d=95 mm / 3.75SS 1.4401 
11Shaft eccentricPolyoxymethylene 
13Gearbox enclosureAluminum 
14Ball bearingsSteel 
15Connecting rodPolyoxymethylene 
16Toothed beltProprietary composite 
18Motor seatSteel 
19Diaphragm flangePPO 
20Sealing diaphragmEPDM 
Not representedPrint circuit board / electronic componentsElectronic scrap 
Additional materials:  Screws, gaskets etc.: Various materials less than 5% of weight.
4a DDI222