End-of-Life Information
Grundfos DMX Pumps must be disposed of according to local regulations by using a public or private waste collection service. If this is not possible, contact the nearest Grundfos company or service workshop.
To identify the specific product materials, please check the Type key available in the product nameplate as described in the product´s Installation and operating instructions.

Safety Risk

Safety related to materials used

  • The materials used in DMX pumps do not pose any health risk to the person handling them. Please observe the corresponding indications in the Installation and operating instructions for taking the product out of operation.
  • The pump housing is filled with non-dangerous mineral oil-based grease.

Safety related to handling the product

  • The required safety measures for handling the chemical being dosed with this pump should be taken. The parts in contact with the fluid should be rinsed and cleaned before disposal in an environmentally sound way.
  • The product should be taken out of operation according to the recommendations described in the Installation and operating instructions.
  • Care should be taken when handling the pump due to its weight.

Disassembly of the Product

Depending on the pump model, the materials of the product components are:

  • Stainless Steel of different grades
  • Thermoplastics of different compositions
  • Elastomers of different compositions
  • Composites
  • Aluminium
  • Mineral oil-based grease (DMX 221 and 226)
  • Hydraulic oil (DMX 227)
  • Electronic scrap

The pump can be mostly disassembled with standard tools.
A slide Hammer and a set of pliers are recommended to ease the disassembly.

DesignationName  MaterialSpecial Disassembly Consideration
1MotorSiemens asynchronous motorUse a long Allen key to remove the motor retaining screws
3EccentricBronze / steelUse a slide hammer to remove the complete gear shaft
4Dosing diaphragmPTFE/NBR 
5Dosing headPP or PVC or PVDF or SS 1.4571 
6Suction valve housingPP or PVC or PVDF or SS 1.4571 
6.1GasketsEPDM or FKM or PTFE 
6.2BallsGlass or Ceramic or PTFE or Stainless steel 1.4401 
7Discharge valve housingIdem suction side 
8Stroke-length adjustmentABS, SteelNot for DMX 227
9Diaphragm shaftSteel 
10Support discBrassOnly for DMX 227
 Pump enclosureModel 221: PPO / PS blend
Models 226, 227: Aluminium
 AR electronicsEnclosure upper part PPO/PS
Enclosure lower part Aluminium
Electronic scrap
Only for pumps with AR electronics
 LubricantAluminium soap greaseOnly for DMX 221 and DMX 226 models
 LubricantHydraulic oilOnly for DMX 227 models
4d DMX221
DMX 221
4d DMX226
DMX 226
4d DMX227
DMX 227