End-of-Life Information

Grundfos RMQ must be disposed of according to local regulations by using a public or private waste collection service. If this is not possible, contact the nearest Grundfos company or service workshop.

Safety Risk

  • Safety related to materials used Safety related to handling the product
    There is no risk for people during the disassembly process posed by the materials used in the product.
    • Safety related to handling the product
      The bearings include non-toxic grease and inside there may be reminence of non-toxic lubrication for assembly.

    Disassembly of the Product

    The main materials of the components are:

    • Copper
    • Iron
    • Aluminium
    • Electronic scrap
    • Composite materials

    and can therefore be recycled to a large extend – depending on the national possibilities for recycling.

    The pump is assembled by using screws and bolts and can be disassembled with standard tools.

    DesignationName  MaterialSpecial Disassembly Consideration
    2Control boxElectronic scrap 
    4Three-way valve with motorBrass 
    5Pumpsee separate table below 
    6Float valvePP 
    8Back plateIron 
    9Wall mountingPP 
    3l. RMQ
    DesignationName  MaterialSpecial Disassembly Consideration
    1ClampStainless steel 
    2FittingPOM + 25 % Glass fibre 
    3SleeveStainless steel 
    4Selfpriming partPPE/PS + 20 % glass fibre 
    5ChamberStainless steel 
    6Inlet partStainless steel 
    7ImpellerPPO + 20 % glass fibre 
    8ChamberPPO + 20 % glass fibre 
    9Outlet partPOM + 25 % Glass fibre 
    10Stator housingPOM + 25 % Glass fibre 
    11CapacitorElectronic scrap 
    12Control boardElectronic scrap 
    13CoverPOM + 25 % Glass fibre 
    14Motor unitAluminium, Copper, Iron and isolation materials
    Shaft and sleeve: stainless steel  
    Fix the stainless steel sleeve and hit the shaft, then the motor enclosure will separate
    15HousingPOM + 25 % Glass fibre 
    16TankSteel, Butyl and composites 
    Additional materials:  < 5% composite, screws etc 
    3l. MQ