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Grundfos Hydro Solo-E - Booster set
Grundfos Hydro Solo-E booster set with one pump is a combined unit consisting of one Grundfos CRE pump fitted with isolating valve, non-return valve, discharge pipe, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge and diaphragm tank.
Grundfos Hydro Solo-S - Booster set
Grundfos Hydro Solo-S booster set is a combined unit consisting of one Grundfos CR pump fitted with isolating valve, discharge pipe, pressure switch, pressure gauge and diaphragm tank.
Grundfos IO 351 A and IO 351 B
IO 351 is a module for exchange of digital and analog signals between CU 351 and the remaining electrical system via GENIbus.
Grundfos large UPE circulator pump
Grundfos Large UPE is a canned rotor, centrifugal pump for circulating water in heating systems and smaller air-conditioner systems in commercial buildings. It features electronic speed control of pump performance.
Grundfos LD/LCD Controls
Keep an eye on liquid levels with simple, yet effective controls.
Grundfos MAGNA circulator pump
Grundfos MAGNA circulator pumps are used in commercial buildings for air conditioning and heating applications
Grundfos Multilift – Lifting stations
The Multilift series are compact, all-in-one units designed to collect and transfer sewage from below sewer level
Grundfos Remote Management
Grundfos Remote Management is a cost-effective and straightforward way to monitor and manage pump installations in commercial buildings.
Grundfos SE – Sewage pumps
The award-winning SE range is designed to handle wastewater, process water, and unscreened raw sewage in heavy-duty municipal, utility, and industrial applications.
Grundfos SEG – Grinder Pumps
Grundfos grinder pumps (SEG) are specifically designed for areas with no sewer systems or areas where gravitation systems are unsuitable.