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CO2e is short for “carbon dioxide equivalents”. It is a measurement tool used for comparing various greenhouse gases’ emission based on their global warming potential.
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
Chemical oxygen demand is a measure of the total quantity of oxygen required to oxidize all organic material (biologically available, inert organic matter) into carbon dioxide and water, and oxidisable inorganic matter.
Coil passes
Passes is the term that describes the number of times a pipe circuit has passed the face in an air cooler, dry cooler or condenser.
Cold store
A cold store is a refrigerated area for cold storage, a refrigerated building, or an area for keeping goods, especially food, in cold conditions to preserve them.
Cold water
Domestic cold water covers the water that is used in a home for showering, cooking, etc. This water comes either from a water supply system delivering water to many households, or from a private well.
Colebrook-White's formula can be used to determine the friction coefficient (l) of a turbulent flow. The formula is normally used to create diagrams where the friction coefficient can be read.
A compensator can be built-into a heating system to absorb pipe linear expansion as an alternative to an expansion loop.
A compressor is the heart of a cooling system. It increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume.
Condensate pump
A condensate pump is used to pump condensed water in cooling systems.
A condenser is used in a cooling system. A condenser removes heat from cooling medium that flows through it. The cooling medium can be one of several coolants.