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Sprinkler system types
The fire installation types; wet system, dry system, Deluge and pre-action systems depends on the temperatures (frost or no frost) and the activation method of the fire system
Stainless steel 1407
Stainless steel is chromium containing steel alloys, which improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The minimum chromium content in standardised stainless steel is 10.5%.
Static pressure
The static pressure of a system is the pressure that is not provided by the circulator pump. In open systems, the static pressure depends on the geodetic height of the system.
Stationary part of shaft seal
The stationary part of the seal is fixed in the pump housing. It consists of a stationary seat and a stationary secondary seal.
Steam is used for the distribution of district heating for building heating systems and industrial heating processes.
Stop function
The stop function makes it possible to stop the last booster pump in operation, if there is no or very small consumption.
Stormwater describes water that originates during precipitation events.
Strainers are integrated into heating and cooling systems to filter impurities from the circulating medium.
Stress corrosion cracking
Metallic corrosion involves the loss of metal at a spot on an exposed surface - ranging from uniform attacks over the entire surface to severe local attacks.
Stribeck curve
The Stribeck curve is an overall view of friction variation in the entire range of lubrication, including the hydrodynamic, mixed, and boundary lubrication.