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Tandem seal
Tandem seal is Grundfos’ name for a shaft seal system, where an additional sealing chamber has been mounted on the existing shaft seal.
The primary unit of temperature is degrees Celsius. However, temperature can also be specified in other units, such as Fahrenheit [°F] and Kelvin [K]
Temperature control mode
Temperature control mode is used in circulating systems without control valves to generate a variable flow, and systems where it is impor­tant to have a constant temperature
Temperature sensor
Temperature sensors are used in all kinds of building installations within ventilation, heating, air conditioning, etc.
Temperature transmitter
A temperature transmitter is used to transmit the measured temperature as an analogue signal to a receiver.
Thermal water treatment
One of the most commonly used methods of combating legionella is thermal pasteurization. The efficiency of this method is limited.
A thermostat is a device for regulating the temperature of a system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired set point temperature.
Thermostatic radiator valve
A thermostatic radiator valve is fitted on radiators and convectors to regulate room temperature. The valve functions automatically and is comprised of two parts: a sensing element and a valve casing.
Thermostatic return temperature limiter
A thermostatic return temperature limiting valve is installed in a system when the return pipe water temperature must not exceed a set temperature.
Tichelmann system
A two-string system, where each radiator on the same floor has the same total distribution pipe length is called a Tichelmann system.