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Wastewater is a common designation for any water that in one or another way has been affected in quality by human influence.
Wastewater pumping station
Pumping stations in sewage collection systems are normally designed to handle raw sewage that is fed from underground gravity pipelines.
Water filtration
Filtration of water is a method of combating microorganisms. This procedure treats only bacteria which passes the filter. This method should be regarded as a gatekeeper.
Water flow rate
Required heating capacity and required temperature differential of the medium are relevant when calculating the design water flow rate for a heating system.
Water hammer
Water hammer can cause pipelines to break or induced damage to equipment if the water hammer is severe enough.
Water hammering
Destructive force that relates to the incompressibility of water. The phenomenon often occurs when filling an empty pipe or quickly closing a valve. It often leads to pipe noise or even destruction of pipes, valves etc.
Water hardness
Hard water can be categorized by the ions found in the water. Hardness in water is defined as the presence of multivalent cations.
Water mist systems
Mist systems use water to extinguish fires in buildings. The water is discharged by the fire sprinklers in a fine spray/mist.
Water Sprinkler System
Water sprinkler systems use water to suppress fires in buildings. The fire sprinkler pump distributes the water via the pipe-system and discharged by the sprinklers.
Water supply systems in zones
Systems divided into zones are used to gain optimum user comfort in water supply- and water distribution applications. These are typically found in high-rise buildings and hilly landscapes.