Acceptance test of sprinkler systems

An acceptance test of sprinkler systems is to ensure the functionality and performance of the fire sprinkler system is in accordance with design requirements.

The installing contractor shall notify the local authority having jurisdiction, and the owner’s representative of the time and date the system will be tested. The installing contractor may invite the fire pump manufacturer as well, if the contractor does not represent this entity himself.
The acceptance tests simulates the expected conditions during an actual fire, and includes the following main steps:

  1. Test of piping and main installation

Hydrostatic tests of the pipe systems and check the installation is installed in compliance with the design specification and design standard.

  1. Test of main equipment

Performance tests of the main equipment to ensure functionality and performance, for example demonstrate the fire pumps ability to meet curve characteristics, specified by the manufacturer’s shop test, and the operation of the pump drivers under all expected conditions.

  1. Power and water supply

Test the water supplies as well as the primary and alternative power supplies in the various conditions in either manual or automatic operation of the controllers, and verification of the operation and pressure settings.

  1. Completion certificate and documents

The installing contractor of the systems has to provide the user with a completion certificate, stating that the system is in compliance with the rules/ standards and design requirements, and provide Instruction & operation manuals, system drawings and an inspection and maintenance program.