“According to “ components for fire protection

“According to” components for fire protection, are products or fire pump sets which are built according to specifications written in fire protection standards – for example “according to NFPA 20”. These products are not listed and haven’t been evaluated by a listing laboratory.

Fire pump sets or products made “according to” a fire standard are not evaluated by a listing laboratory. This means that the purchaser is fully dependant on the manufacturer and assembling entity’s liability regarding product performance, -reliability and – quality. This product is not allowed to have a nameplate with a label as a listed product for fire – for example UL, FM or VdS mark.

The fire pumps according to a standard are from time to time required by customers who recognize the specifications of fire protection standards, but are reluctant to pay the premium for listed products. The price difference between “listed” and “according to” products, never justify the potential differences in product performance and reliability, which all depends on the manufacturers morals and reputation.