Downtime costs / loss of production (Cs)

The measurable cost of a pump stoppage is modest seen over its lifetime in a commercial building. However the comfort loss to building users makes a stand-by pump advisable.

Unlike in production processes, a pump stoppage in a commercial building rarely results in a loss in production. Instead, the stoppage results more in a loss of comfort.

However, the immeasurable downtime costs can be even higher if, for example, guests in a hotel are left without water.

Therefore, it is always advisable to install a stand-by pump to prevent a loss of comfort caused by an unexpected failure in the pump system.

The communication capabilities of electronically-controlled E-pumps help minimise downtime because replacement and repair work can be completed quickly in the event of a break-down.

A stand-by pump is used to prevent downtime and the consequent loss of comfort in the event of a breakdown.

Downtime costs / loss of production (Cs) is used when calculating life cycle cost LCC.