Drinking water regulations

Disinfection is an essential step in any water treatment process. Most countries have specific guidelines or regulations, which describe the allowed methods and concentrations in the treated water.

Disinfection of water is found in water supply plants, in building service installations, in the process industry, and in wastewater treatment plants.

Different methods are used for disinfection purposes which have different properties and impact on the microorganisms.
Local regulations
Operation restrictions (limit values, certifications, etc.) for each method are given in regulations, guidelines and standards which are often specific for different countries or applications.
Some examples for restrictions can be found in the table to the right.
Operating conditions
Approved operation conditions are described in local drinking water regulations, EPA directives, European drinking water guidelines and standards, DVGW rules, hygienic law regulations and many others.
For each application the country-specific regulations must be defined before using a certain method or device.