Fire protection component standard

A fire component standard is a document with mandatory provisions to indicate requirements and testing methods for components or materials to be used within the fire protection system installation.

Fire component standards can be written by independent product safety certification organizations, insurance companies or state related authorities.  

Please note: the UK standard is actually “LPS 1131” for fire pump units, written by the “Loss Prevention Certification Board”, or “LPCB”

 The component standards are intended to describe the requirements of the components to ensure:
-          conditions of performance
-           safety
-          quality

They also describe the quality control in manufacturing to ensure a consistently uniform and reliable component.
The standards specify the criteria for listing the components (component that have been evaluated by an approved testing laboratory), as guidance for the approval body, manufacturers and authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Consultants may want to check the certification documents of the components before or at the delivery, and the authority having jurisdiction should always check the approval number on the nameplate.