Grundfos CIM/CIU Communication Interfaces

The CIM/CIU products provide standard interfaces for data transmission between Grundfos pumps and various communication technologies.

Today, data communication has become a key to success in building management. Data communication allows devices such as pumps, sensors, boilers, fans and air conditioning to communicate with each other. This gives the building manager and technical staff an overview of the complete HVAC system in a building.

With power consumption being an important factor, an optimized building management system (BMS) can save a lot of energy while maintaining a high comfort level in the building.

With CIM/CIU, Grundfos enables a wide range of pumps and pump systems to communicate with other devices and BMS solutions, using the established communication standards in the market, such as BACnet, LONworks, Modbus, GSM and Profibus.

CIM add-on module

CIM is short for Communication Interface Module, and it is an add-on communication module installed internally in 11-22 kW Grundfos E-pumps and Dedicated Controls.

CIU wall-mounted/DIN-rail unit

The CIU with internal power supply is for Grundfos products that do not support the add-on module. It is short for Communication Interface unit, and is an external box to be placed on a wall or in a control cabinet (See picture).

About the CIM/CIU

  • Standard functional profiles ensure interoperability
  • Supports a wide range of Grundfos products
  • Simple configuration and commissioning
  • Modular design based on open standards
  • 24-240 VAC/VDC power supply in CIU


  • Fast and easy installation into existing networks using standard functional profiles
  • Visual inspections of the equipment no longer needed
  • Comfort levels of all zones in a building can be monitored from a single station
  • Logging of pump data possible from Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Monitoring of pump system flow, head and energy consumption
  • Receive an SMS in case of an urgent alarm (If GSM solution is used)

Offers standardized data communication for the following Grundfos products:

  • MAGNA/UPE Circulators
  • Dry-running E-pumps: CRE/CRNE/CRIE, MTRE, CME, TPE Series 1000/2000, NBE/NKE
  • CUE Motor drive for pumps
  • CR Monitor for advanced pump monitoring
  • Multi Pump Controller: Control MPC
  • Boosters: Hydro Multi-E and Hydro MPC
  • Motor Protector MP 204
  • Dedicated Controls (WasteWater)
  • AutoAdapt for sewage

* Not all fieldbusses are available for eazch product. Contact Grundfos for details.