Grundfos EF – Effluent pumps

The Grundfos EF pumps are designed for pumping wastewater without toilet waste from private dwellings.

These pumps are also suitable for pumping liquid manure from farms, and for a variety of industrial applications.

The EF pumps are designed for free-standing installation. The pumps are fitted with an integrated three-leg stand that keeps the suction inlet well clear of the pit bottom.

Pumped liquids
The Grundfos EF pumps are suitable for pumping effluent and other liquids with a pH value of 4 to 10. The EF pump range is able to handle liquids with solids up to 30 mm.
The Grundfos EF pumps are suitable for the following applications:

  • Drainage and surface water with small impurities
  • Wastewater with fibres, e.g. from laundries
  • Wastewater, without discharge from toilets
  • Wastewater from commercial buildings, without discharge from toilets

The EF range comprises models for single-phase or three-phase voltage supply. All types are designed for voltage tolerances of –10%/+6%. The single-phase versions require a control box with built-in operating capacitor of 30 uF.