Grundfos Glandless circulator pumps

Grundfos glandless circulator pumps are used in commercial buildings for air conditioning and heating applications.

They are based on canned rotor technology, and characterised by the absence of a stuffing box or shaft seal. The pumped liquid cools and lubricates the motor and rotating parts.
Three distinctly different models of glandless circulator pumps are available. Please note that there are a number of specific product variants available for each model. Detailed information on these variants can be found in Grundfos WebCAPS.

Grundfos MAGNA

This pump model features the unique AUTOADAPT function as well as a permanent magnet motor. Pump housings in a variety of materials, as well as single and twin-head configurations are available.

Grundfos UPS
This standard model is designed for circulation of cold or hot water in heating systems, domestic hot water systems, cooling and air-conditioning systems. Three operational speeds are possible, enabling setting according to flow demand.

Grundfos UPE
This pump features electronic speed control operation in addition to normal Grundfos UP features. This allows the pump’s duty point to be matched to system needs, which is especially valuable in heating circuits with high demand fluctuations.