Grundfos MAGNA circulator pump

Grundfos MAGNA circulator pumps are used in commercial buildings for air conditioning and heating applications

This family name encompasses Grundfos circulator pumps with integrated intelligent frequency converters. This allows variable speed operation that corresponds to the variable energy demands of the system.

Grundfos MAGNA pumps are typically used in commercial building such as schools, hospitals and office buildings for circulating potable hot water, hot water in heating systems, and cold water in small-sized air conditioning systems.

Grundfos MAGNA pumps feature glandless constructions. The pumped media is circulated in the system is also used to cool and lubricate the motor and rotating parts during operation.

  • Energy savings of 60 - 80 %, depending on the hydraulic system and its use
  • Automatic adaptation to the hydraulic system characteristics (AUTOADAPT)
  • For both air conditioning applications and heating applications
  • Maintenance free
  • No noise / high comfort
  • Variable performance from 10 - 1500 W (more than one size)
  • Full communication through GENIBus, LonWorks or digital
  • No motor protection needed
  • Long lifetime
  • Low operation cost
  • High-quality materials
  • Optimised motor construction and efficiency

Energy savings
Grundfos MAGNA pumps save energy by adjusting performance to demand. According to the international agreed load profile for a circulator, a pump performs to its maximum only 6% of the time. It is therefore beneficial that the pump reduces it speed (rpm) the remainder of the time, thereby saving energy and money.

Each MAGNA pump automatically adjusts its output to the current conditions. This ensures that energy consumption is always kept to a minimum.


By automatically controlling its own speed, the pump will continuously regulate the pressure (head), so that it is optimally adapted to the speed of the water (flow).

Grundfos MAGNA pumps feature the unique AUTOADAPT function. It works to continuously adapt energy consumption by adapting to the system in which it is installed. 

For more details and to see how AUTOADAPT works, visit the magna page.