Grundfos SE – Sewage pumps

The award-winning SE range is designed to handle wastewater, process water, and unscreened raw sewage in heavy-duty municipal, utility, and industrial applications.

The pumps may be installed submerged or dry without motor cooling; in either case they are extremely reliable and very easy to service.

The pumps can be fitted with a vortex impeller (SEV) or single-channel impeller (SE1) that provide free passage of solids up to 100 mm. This greatly reduces the risk of clogging and ensures maximum up-time and reduced operating costs.

Operating conditions
The Grundfos SEV and SE1 pumps are suitable for continuous submerged operation with a liquid level just above the pump housing, or in a dry installation without separate motor cooling arrangements.
Ambient temperature limitations: 40°C
Maximum submersion: 20 m