Listed and approved components for fire protection

Listed and approved components for fire protection are those that have been tested and certified by accredited laboratories- for example; the fire pump-end, control-panel, flow-meter etc. These components are typically published by the organization via webpage or CD’s etc.

The term “listing” and “approval” varies from continent to continent. But in general listed and approved components, are equipment that has been tested and met its evaluation criteria (component standard) by the accredited laboratories and listing authorized institution such as VdS, UL, FM, LPCB etc.   

Typically the listed components are also labeled as a listed component, which can be identified on the nameplate. The validation of the listing laboratories are typically described in fire protection standards and since the standards are meant for national (domestic) use, the listing laboratories are located nationally.  

Relation between sprinkler installation standard, listing laboratory and country can be found in the table to the right:

PLEASE NOTE: Sprinkler installation standard in the UK is “BS EN12845”, not “BS5306”

The typical content of a Fire pump nameplate is:

•            Type, Type description

•            P/N, Product Number

•            Year of construction

•            Certification number

•            Qzul,  Maximum permissible flow

•            n, revolutions (speed)

•            H,  Pressure, at  Qzul

•            Pn, Required motor power

•            Impeller diameter, Dimp