LON is an open network technology which is mainly used in building automation. The name LON is short for Local Operating Network. It is an event-based technology that supports a variety of physical network standards, making it ideal for use on all automation levels.

The LON technology is mainly used in building automation and building management systems (BMS) worldwide, including office buildings, schools, hospitals, libraries etc.

Open and interoperable technology
With LON, it is possible to integrate devices from different manufacturers into a common network system.
LON is an open and interoperable technology which means that any manufacturer can use the protocol to transfer data between connected devices like valves, pumps, fans, sensors etc. Data can travel from any point on the network to the building management system or to any other device e.g. to control a pump using a sensor.

Event-based communication
A LON system typically uses event-based communication, meaning that data is only transferred when an update occurs in a device, hence minimising the data traffic on the line.

Decentralised system
Most fieldbusses are based around centralised systems, where all computational decisions are made in a single network device, often called a Master. However, if the Master fails, all of the network communication will also fail.
LON however is a decentralised system, meaning that there is no Master; hence operational reliability is increased.

An operator / building manager has the option of remote controlling the connected devices. This includes start/stop, change of operation mode, and settings.
At the same time he receives data, such as status messages, alarms, operation hours or energy consumption from the connected devices, which allows him to optimise the operation of the building.

LON is mainly used within the following building applications:
-Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
-Lighting control
-Security systems and fire alarm systems
-Pump control and monitoring
-Energy supply monitoring

Areas of use
Focus points of LON are within building automation and control. Other areas of use are industry automation and process automation, energy technology and traffic.