PROFIBUS is a network technology mostly used in process industries but you can find it also in building automation. It is a standardised technology for data communication, managed by Profi International.

The Profibus technology is primarily used in industrial process automation, but is also found in building management systems (BMS) worldwide, including office buildings, schools, airports, hotels and hospitals etc.

Interoperable technology
With Profibus, it is possible to integrate devices from different manufacturers into a common network system. Profibus is an interoperable technology which means that any manufacturer can use the protocol to transfer data between connected devices like valves, pumps, robots, machinery equipment, motors, fans, sensors etc.

A controlling device, often called a PLC, controls the communication to the connected devices, and also contains the programmable logic of the system.

High speed
Profibus is capable of running at high transmission speeds compared to most other popular fieldbusses, giving it the advantage in especially time critical applications.

An operator / building manager can remote control the connected devices, including start/stop, change of operation mode, and settings. But is also offered a variety of services, such as data transfer, scheduling, trending, alarming etc.
And the status messages, alarms, operation hours, energy consumption, etc. from the connected devices allow the building manager continually to optimise operation of the building.

Profibus is mainly used within the following applications:
- HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning)
- Pump control and monitoring
- Factory automation
- Process automation