Sprinkler distribution pipework

The sprinkler pipework distributes the fire suppression media into the building compartments. The pipe system design must be in compliance with the specifications described in the installation standard for fire sprinkler systems.

Pipework for fire sprinkler protection systems is designed to distribute the fire suppression media, typically water, into the different building areas. Planning and installation standards for stationary fire sprinkler systems specify the system design and components required.
The pipe material must be protected against corrosion and specific materials are typically preferred for specific installation types. Following pipe materials are used and they must be produced in compliance to typically a DIN standard.
-          ductile cast iron
-          black steel pipes
-          galvanized steel pipe
-          pressure pipes made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride
-          stainless steel pipe
Pipes must be installed for easy repairs and not to be embedded in ceilings or concrete floors. They must be protected against mechanical damage and non galvanized steel pipes must be painted – normally in a red color.
Mechanical pipe joints must typically be approved by a 3rd party approval body. Flexible joints also called compensators/expansion joints are used to absorb pressure shocks or minor relative movements between two pipes – but shall not be used in case of misalignment between pipes.
Pipe supports have to be fixed direct to building and may not be used to support any other installation.