Water filtration

Filtration of water is a method of combating microorganisms. This procedure treats only bacteria which passes the filter. This method should be regarded as a gatekeeper.

Ultrafiltration is used for filtration of incoming water from the water works. Ultrafilters or membrane filters are effective against bacteria, viruses, suspended particles and other unwanted elements from the water.

The pressure loss in the ultrafilter is very high. In many cases it is necessary to install a water boosting system in order to maintain the correct water pressure at the consumers tap.


•         Effective against free bacteria floating in the water

•         Does not affect smell and taste of the water

•         Not sensitive to pH-value of the water

•         No chemicals are used


•         There is no long term effect on bacteria etc.

•         Biofilm in hot water tank and pipes are not affected

•         In case of malfunction, a large microbiological population can grow in the membranes.

•         Medium life cycle cost