Professional commissioning services

During a Grundfos Commissioning, we thoroughly check all aspects of your pump installation to make sure that it is ready to run. Our specialists can commission virtually any type of pump system. We carefully inspect your system and always check the following:

  • Your system and pumps are fully compatible
  • All pumps are correctly installed and aligned
  • The system has been tested and is ready to go

Following a Grundfos Commissioning, your system will be running at absolute peak performance and as energy-efficiently as possible, providing you with several benefits:

  • You get the most out of your pumping system investment in terms of productivity and efficiency
  • The risk of costly and time-consuming downtime is greatly reduced, as parts will not wear out prematurely due to incorrect installation
  • You save electricity as your pumps are running energy-efficiently from day one
  • You get the lowest wear of the pumps in terms of running time
  • Alarms and warnings are set up correctly for your specific needs

Our commissioning services are always tailored to your installation and business needs and extend the warranty for your pumps, giving you a little extra security.


  • Peace of mind knowing that your pumps have been installed and commissioned optimally
  • Flexibility in organising and carrying out commissioning
  • Extended warranty period (starting on the day of commissioning)


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