Spare parts & Service kits

Minimise future breakdowns with Grundfos original spare parts

With Grundfos original spare parts, you get much more than just spare parts. You get the right spare part solutions, service kits and fast delivery you need to optimise system performance and minimise the risk of future breakdowns.

By servicing your pumps with Grundfos original spare parts, you’ll ensure your pumps are running with fewer surprises, greater reliability and increased efficiency. And thanks to our 24/7 delivery options and global distribution centres, you’ll get the spare parts you need in an instant. 


Spare parts

The easy way to get original spare parts  

Finding pump spare parts shouldn’t be time consuming or difficult. That’s why the Grundfos Product Center helps you find all the spare parts you need quickly and easily. Explore our simple step-by-step guide to finding, selecting and installing the right spare part. 

Find your spare parts now 


Recommended spares

Recommended spares

When you buy a Grundfos pump or your warranty expires, we’ll provide a list of recommended spare parts for any sudden replacement needs. This will ensure you’re prepared for any future maintenance or repair work, helping you prolong pump service life and save money.

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Service kits

Service kits

When the unforeseen happens in your pump systems, we’re ready to assist with our pre-packaged service kits. These are tailored for each pump and system, so we know exactly which parts to replace to help minimise downtime and future-proof performance.   

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