The heating system does not reach a sufficient temperature.

Possible cause of fault

Automatic night set-back is active

The hydraulic conditions have changed. The pump must adapt to these.

When night set-back is activated

Switch on night set-back using Button 4.

In "AutoAdapt" mode

Possible cause of fault: The "AutoAdapt" function is unable to correctly adapt the heating system.


Switch off the pump for 5 minutes using the power switch on the electrical supply line (not the switch on the pump) and then switch back on.

Use button 5 to cycle through the possible curves until "AutoAdapt" has been reactivated. The automatic setting may need up to a few hours to adapt to the system curve.

If this measure does not lead to the desired outcome, the pump can be configured to (specific) curves.


Begin by using button 5 to switch through the four possible proportional and constant pressure curves, and test each setting for approximately two hours.

If no increase in the heat supply is detected:

Use button 5 to switch to Constant Speed II and test this setting for approximately 2 hours. If there is no increase in the heat supply, switch to Constant Speed Level III


If there is no increase in the heat supply, please call your specialist technician.