How to use the GO Replace app for pump replacements and upgrades

Learn about the new features of the Grundfos GO Replace app and be better prepared next time you’re looking to replace or upgrade a pump.

Finding replacement circulator pumps for… integrated boiler pumps, Grundfos stand-alone pumps and stand-alone pumps from multiple manufacturers just got easier with…the Grundfos GO Replace app. It’s designed to help you find replacement options for thousands of circulators from a huge range of pump manufacturers, not just Grundfos.

To provide you with a deep insight into the app and its key benefits, this module will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use GO Replace and demonstrate how simple and intuitive the process really is. Let’s get started by exploring how GO Replace can help you on the job.

Imagine you’ve been called to a job… where the heating system has broken down. It needs a new pump …and you’re unsure which pump model can replace the broken one.…and you’re unsure which pump model can replace the broken one. You think about ordering the original spare part from your wholesaler… which in turn must be ordered from the boiler manufacturer as there are thousands of pumps they won’t stock. But it’s a long, troublesome process…that leaves the homeowner without heat until the replacement pump arrives…which could take several days.

Then you realize you have the Grundfos GO Replace app installed on your smartphone. So, you open the app, and after a few simple swipes and clicks, you get an instant recommendation for an off-the-shelf pump which will be in stock at your wholesaler. This saves you huge amounts of time as you no longer have to order and wait for the exact replacement pump.

The Grundfos GO Replace app will give you a recommendation for a perfect replacement pump manufactured by Grundfos in no time. So, let’s dive straight in and take you through the app.

First, download the app to your smartphone. It’s available on both the App Store and Play Store. Open the app and identify the product number of the old pump – an eight-digit number typically found on the front of the pump. Take a photo of the number using the app.  If you can’t find the number, select the ‘help using this tool’ button.

By clicking ‘search all products’ you can enter the part number manually or search by description’. Searching for another manufacturer's pump that isn't made by Grundfos means you’ll have to search by the product name. Confirm the product number is correct before you move on.

GO Replace will then show you the best Grundfos replacement solution and up to two alternatives to ensure you can choose the perfect option. It will also recommend whether only the pump head or the entire pump should be replaced.  If the app doesn’t recognize the product number, you’ll be given contact details for your local Grundfos office where you can seek further support.

After selecting your replacement pump, a report will be generated which includes all the key information regarding the replacement. Then you can either print or send the report to your preferred wholesaler or homeowner by email.  What’s more, all reports are accessible from the ‘results’ tab on the app’s front page, meaning that you can easily gain access to them again if necessary. 

In just a few simple steps GO Replace can quickly find the ideal pump replacement for your job, covering thousands of different circulator pumps from a range of manufacturers.

The app is designed to be easy to use and can save you huge amounts of time with off-the-shelf recommendations. Just input the product number of the old pump and the app does the rest.
It’s that simple.

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