Energy Optimisation

Uncover potential energy savings

Pumps currently account for 10% of the world’s electricity consumption. Most of the pumps in operation are, however, inefficient. In fact, two third of all pumps use up to 60% too much energy – so the global energy savings potential is enormous.

Water supply systems are among applications that often hold significant unrealised energy savings potential. Typical reasons for energy waste are worn or incorrectly sized pumps. So it makes sense to give pumps an extra check from time to time to make sure they are not wasting energy and in turn money.

Grundfos’ online SP Energy Tool is an easy way for your customers to uncover their savings potential. By entering a few pump data they will instantly be told whether their potential is high, medium or low. If they want a more thorough evaluation of the pump system Grundfos’ service professionals perform Energy Checks and Pump Audits.

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