The SP System

The SP system in more detail

Regardless the nature of your submersible project, Grundfos can help you equip the application with state of the art components that combined make up a complete SP system with great potential for optimised performance and energy efficiency.

A complete SP system combines:

  • An all-stainless steel SP submersible pump
  • An MS/MMS motor made to match the pump
  • A dedicated motor protection unit or variable speed drive
  • A remote management system.

One of the most prominent benefits of applying a complete SP system is the significant savings potential. The variable speed drive contributes greatly to meeting this potential through its ability to ensure demand operation and consequently reduce the energy consumption. Add to that the monitoring system that plays an important part in making sure it is always possible to know what is going on in the submersible system and adjust operation if need be.

Should your job require more components than the above-mentioned to accommodate specific needs the flexible SP system easily makes room for these. Want to know about the SP systems and its potential?

The SP Submersible System overview

1.    The Pump
2.    The Motor
3.    Frequency drive (CUE)
4.    Motor protection (MP204)
5.    Grundfos Remote Management (GRM)

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