Diversity and inclusion

We try to attract and retain a diverse blend of talented individuals in Grundfos whilst make a difference for a wider society too.

Employees on special terms

Back in 1968, we created the first flexible workshop in Denmark. The concept was to empower employees with reduced work capacity, which set the tone for how we view our workforce. We have a duty to act and are taking an active part in the community's growth and well-being. 

Thanks to well-coordinated efforts, employees with reduced work capacity currently make up 3.2% of our workers. The goal is to reach 5% by 2025.

“Workers with reduced capacity are an extremely valuable part of the Grundfos workforce. I hope we will see more workers with reduced capacity employed in every company, every department and function.” - Mogens Lindhard, Senior Manager for Social Responsibility

Gender diversity

Having the right balance and range of competencies, skills, and experience within the organisation is key to the execution of our strategy. We foster a diverse workforce where all people are treated fairly and with respect.

Our ambition is to demonstrate that by offering an inclusive environment for a diverse mix of employees, we stand to innovate, grow, and outperform the competition. 

Our current diversity plan is in the area of gender diversity in leadership and a balance in our global graduate intake.

Inclusion in the labour market

Grundfos provide tailor-made programmes as well as professional and personal skill enhancement to individuals in order for them to gain work experience. We screen candidates, match them with relevant jobs and set individual targets in close collaboration with the departments and mentors.

Ehab: ¨I am living the dream¨

Ehab is from Syria. When he first moved to Denmark, it never occered to him that he could become a part of Grundfos. Discover his journey here.