Discover the surprising ways to save energy at home

The truth is 200 million circulator pumps around the world are outdated and less efficient – many in homes just like yours. They waste energy and increase bills. The good news? Grundfos can help you save energy at home with the most energy efficient heating system. 

Why choose our heating circulator to save energy at home?

Circulator pumps keep your home comfortable by giving it the right amount of heat at the right time. But inefficient heating can burn unnecessary energy. Our pumps offer the very best in electricity savings, comfort and energy efficient heating. Just remember, upgrading requires a skilled installer. 

Up to 75%

energy savings can be achieved by switching out that old circulator pump, reducing power consumption from 84W to 5W. 


of heating systems aren't set up right. That's more energy used than needed and less comfort at home.

10 year

old pumps are less efficient than new ones. If yours hits the 10-year mark, it’s time to upgrade to save energy at home.

The energy savings that surprised the world

Now, let's kick off your game plan. Swap out that old circulator pump, and see the benefits roll in — no fancy footwork needed. Check out the short films below to see the game-changing perks of a new pump and how you can save energy at home by taking action today.

The substitution that SURPRISED the world

Is it time to replace your circulator pump and substitute it for a more energy-efficient model?

That 1 in 200 millon surprising red card

With the right circulator pump in play, avoid any more red cards when it comes to living more sustainably.

Would you leave your TV on for 97 days for no reason?

That’s how much energy usage you can save in a year by switching out your old pump. Heating your house* with the new ALPHA2 pump uses only 5 watts, compared to your old UPS pump’s 84 watts usage. 

Simply put, the ALPHA2 is 17 times more energy efficient and will save you 114 EUR per year. Purchase with installment only costs 450 EUR** and will save you money after just 4 years. Upgrade your old UPS pump*** to the new ALPHA2**** model, today.

* Average mid-terrace house from the 80s

**Based on an estimated average price in Denmark, UK, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland

***UPS 25 60 180 running on a constant curve speed III

****ALPHA2 25 60 180 running in AUTOADAPT

How to find your pump

If you have underfloor heating or radiators, there is at least one circulator in your home. Here are the most common places to find it:

In your technical room

Probably where you also have your washing machine. It is either visible on the piping or inside your boiler, heat pump or central heating unit.

In your basement

Likely where your washing machine is located as well. It can be either visible on the pipes or inside your boiler, heat pump, or central heating unit.

As part of your underfloor heating

Usually there is a separate circulator for your different underfloor sections in the home. Each section has its own circulator in a cabinet where the pipes are connected.

Let’s assess whether you need to replace your circulator pump

On the front of the pump, you’ll see the energy consumption either printed or shown on a display

If your circulator shows energy consumption of more than 5W, it is one of the world’s 200 million inefficient circulators that could be replaced to save energy at home. 

If you can’t find number values, it’s likely your pump runs in the outdated “fixed speed” setting with 1 or 3 modes.

The EU prohibits new sales of these pumps because they’re so inefficient – and we recommend replacing them for optimal home comfort.

Ready to make your move and save energy at home?

You don't have to be a pump expert to achieve energy efficient heating at home. Our Product Finder and Installer Finder tools make it easy to choose the perfect Grundfos circulator pump for your living situation.

Take action now – choose the best solution for your home

About 200 Million Possibilities

When you replace your circulator pump, not only do you save energy at home, you also improve global energy savings up to the amount of Portugal’s annual electricity consumption.