Grundfos SMART Digital Chempairing Suite

Learn about Grundfos SMART Digital Chempairing Suite

Grundfos SMART Digital Chempairing Suite

Join us to discover the CHEMPAIRING suite and discover the benefits that can improve your chemical business by:

  • Documenting your aim of treatment towards your customers (aim of treatment = designated volume and time).
  • Get actionable insights about your dosing system for a high system availability (= higher chemical turnover).
  • Identify the "troublemaker" in the field for a systematic optimization (=higher chemical turnover)
  • Material resistance check between read out material code of the dosing pump and connected chemical.
  • Reduce travel time and costs by remote control your pump.
  • Optimize your customers' systems with a fingertip and ensure satisfied customers
  • Provide your customers with security information about your chemicals to reduce risks.
  • Reduce your liability risk.
  • Generate reports for authorities within seconds.
  • Offer the report engine to your customers, if they still create reports manually
  • Only allow the chemicals (e.g. anti-scalant) that you have approved for your water treatment systems.
  • Prevent accidents caused by incorrectly connected chemicals (e.g. chlorine bleach and acids, ...).
  • With real consumption data from the field, you can now offer pay per-use business models.
  • With the knowledge of the remaining level in the canisters and the condition of the dosing system, you can now offer your customers a full "Dosing as a service" (e.g. including chemical canister exchange at the site)
  • With the chemical consumption profile of your customers, you can optimize the canister size.


Rainer Schmitz
Senior Digital Sales Development Specialist