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Meet Wei - our singing supervisor

Wei Yu, Engineered Products Supervisor 


Who am I

My name is Wei Yu. I am Engineered Product Supervisor at GMU Fresno location. I earned my BS in Machine Design from Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in 1984. I came to US in 1990 for graduate school. In spring 1004, I earned my MS degree in Manufacturing Automation from Industry Technology Department at California State University Fresno.

In 2000, I joined Grundfos as Product Engineer at Fresno California location after spending 6 years as a Sr. Mechanical Engineer.

I am innovative person and always looking for a way to improve.
Wei Yu

How I make a difference

Grundfos is an innovative pump company which encourage Outside of Box thinking, and continuous improvement. I remembered my very first project of Digital Dosing pump. We were going to bring the product line into US as boxed products meaning the pump will be made from sister company overseas, and stock them in GMU. Soon, we realized that it’s impossible to know what to stock based on market demand. It will not satisfy our customers. My boss trusted me to come up with other options. After taking pumps apart, and studied the designs, I proposed a “parent to child” solution. The parent is the 7 common pumps (generic model). The child is around 200 pump variants generated from the parent pumps by modifying the wetted ends and reprogramming the control. Grundfos group engineering is very supportive to this ideas, and came up with a simple tester for GMU production. This was my first impression that I could make a difference!

My motivation

I am innovative person and always looking for a way to improve. Working at our Fresno location for 20 years now, I am motivated every day to make a difference. Pumps are essential products, and rooted in all businesses. Providing the best solution to our customer’s need in the timely manner is energizing me every day.

I enjoy the opportunities to travel, meet other colleagues to learn and share knowledge.
Wei Yu


Why I love working for Grundfos

Grundfos is a world class company. It has manufacturing and sales facilities all over the world. I enjoy the opportunities to travel, meet other colleagues to learn and share knowledge. Something I will never forget was my 1st trip to Denmark. As a new product engineer, I participated a week long training course held at headquarter in Denmark. During the 1st day, the group CEO and Chairman Niels Due Jensen taught the Grundfos history class. He actually sat down with each participant 1/1 to get acquainted. It was a powerful message that Grundfos cares about every team member! Also, Grundfos is the technology leader in Pump design and manufacturing. There are always new products being developed and introduced to the market. I was never bored for doing the same thing over and over because it is always different.

Fun fact

Grown up in Shanghai, I always loved to sing. I won many singing competitions in Shanghai before coming to US. My vocal teacher Mr. Jin Zhong Ming was a well know opera singer in China. I don’t hesitate to use my gift to entertain Grundfos employees in events such as Grundfos Olympics and Holiday parties.

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