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A revolutionary HVAC design, Grundfos Distributed Pumping replaces traditional control valves with intelligent pumps that automatically balance the system by delivering the exact flow & precise pressure only when and where needed. That means increased occupant comfort, more energy savings, and an always balanced system. Welcome to the future of HVAC. 

See how Grundfos Distributed Pumping saved a Green Mark (LEED equivalent) Platinum Certified building 54% in pump energy >>

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Check out how the revolutionary new Grundfos Distributed Pumping system works compared to a traditional system. Once you see the difference, you’ll never go back to a valve system again.

Podcast: Grundfos Distributed Pumping

Grundfos Business Development Manager Pete Korzeniewski is our guest today. Pete’s an expert in HVAC efficiency and Distributed Pumping. He explains how we should shift our focus from energy creation to energy distribution in order to make commercial buildings run more efficiently.

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Did you know that switching from a valve-based system to distributed pumps can save energy significantly?

Most chilled water systems use large centralised pumps and chillers controlled by valves. These valves waste loads of energy and make it difficult and time-consuming to balance the system correctly. Distributed Pumping systems for commercial buildings is a paradigm shift towards decentralised pumps that can save energy significantly and create a more consistent, comfortable climate throughout the building.

54% energy savings
Grundfos Distributed Pumping helped Ngee Ann, a large university building in Singapore, increase Delta T by 28% and reduce total pump energy by 54% – all while providing optimal comfort for building users.

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