A Reflection on 2022

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…” - Charles Dickens

Perhaps quoting Dickens to summarize 2021 is a bit dramatic, however, for me, the opening line of A Tale of Two Cities pretty much condenses the year.

At the beginning of 2021, we had hope the pandemic would soon be under control and businesses would return to some kind of normalcy. However, it persisted as did the fly-wheel effect on supply-chains and logistics. While we enjoyed a robust economy and a record order book, delivering product to you was our biggest challenge throughout the year and our greatest disappointment. While we believe we outperformed our competitors, we can’t help but reflect on the opportunity lost and carry excessive backlogs into the new year.

Looking forward in 2022, we remain focused on improving our supply chain and logistics even as COVID-19 spikes throughout the nation. We will evolve and not waste these lessons learned. There is no returning to “normal," and there is no “new normal.” Our business landscape has changed and we will continue to change with it. We must adapt and adjust to succeed.

Our promise for 2022 is to do our best. It may not start off as “…the season of light…”, however, we remain committed to our mission to continue servicing you, our partners, and achieve mutual success.


The Latest DBS Product Bulletins

Take a look at the most recent product bulletins distributed by Grundfos DBS. Please coordinate any questions with your Grundfos sales manager.

  • ALPHA 2 26-99 S.U. 115V: We are excited to announce the sales release of the Grundfos ALPHA2 26-99 S.U. 115V. This new model includes a stainless-steel union-connected housing with the same outstanding performance and functionality as the current ALPHA2 26-99F cast-iron version.
  • Circulator Part Number Reduction: As circulator offerings continue to be streamlined, Grundfos is phasing out various part numbers, effective Jan. 2, 2022. Orders will continue to be accepted until inventory is depleted. This bulletin contains specific part numbers and our recommendations for direct or similar model replacements. 


Reputation. Partnership. Integrity:
Osborne Company, Inc.

We're proud to feature one of our long-standing manufacturer representatives: Osborne Company, Inc., Although we feature one representative in this newsletter, Grundfos wants to honor all of our loyal manufacturer representative partners. We are extremely grateful for your tireless efforts and sacrifices over the last two years. Our representatives have been our front line supporting Grundfos and our customers during a very challenging time. You deserve our applause, our thanks, and our respect. Thank you, all!

One of our longest-standing DBS manufacturer representatives is Osborne Company, Inc., headquartered in Livermore, Calif. Since 1975, the company has professionally represented Grundfos’ line of DBS products and solutions throughout northern California and northern Nevada, with the addition of Hawaii as of 2017. 

John Osborne, CEO, and son of Dan Osborne, the company’s founder, fondly remembers helping establish the Grundfos brand in the United States by selling circulators into the expanding California solar market in the late 70s. When California’s solar industry plummeted in the early 80s, Grundfos and Osborne evolved together by shifting their focus to the new and emerging domestic hot water recirculation market.

Under John's leadership in the mid-80s, Osborne established strong and enduring relationships with plumbing wholesale distributors by providing them with a pumping product that would not be sold directly to the trade. The team focused their attention on facilities, school districts, and service contractors, emphasizing Grundfos' maintenance-free reliability against the existing installed base of oversized oil-lubricated pumps.

John’s strategic vision to push the end-user Grundfos business back through their established plumbing wholesale distribution partners was the foundation of their business model, which continues to this day.

Ashley Messier, president of the Osborne Company, Inc., stated, “The agency’s reputation has been built around our founding principles of partnership, integrity, trust, and superior customer service. Our consistent record of achievement with Grundfos is a testament to these principles.”

Osborne has received a multitude of accolades, starting in 1976, when Grundfos presented them with their first sales award. In the company’s 46 years of representing Grundfos, they have received the prestigious Presidents Award 17 times for their continued commitment to the highest quality in product, customer relations, and service. Grundfos takes great pride that Osborne is such an integral part of their past, present, and future.


AHR Expo 2022 in Las Vegas

Grundfos is taking the AHR Expo 2022 online! Explore how we are enriching the AHR Expo experience for our partners by visiting our virtual booth starting Jan. 31. Click the link to explore our digital booth on your own time, or contact your Grundfos DBS DSM to schedule a walk through together.


Spotlight on Jim Heid

Allow us to introduce you to national account  manager for Grundfos DBS, Jim Heid.

"I call myself a beer snob," he laughs, "Ask any rep or wholesaler who travels with me. I'll always request a visit to a local craft brewery, and I'm known for it all around!”

Jim Joins Grundfos: Our favorite craft beer guru has also made a name for himself as a trusted teammate during his nearly 14 years with Grundfos. Throughout Jim's tenure, he has held several positions — from district sales manager to his current national account role, where he is responsible for three of the company's largest accounts. Loyalty runs in Jim's blood. Straight out of college, he spent 15 years working for Goulds (now Xylem).

"I never thought about leaving that job until I met Bobby Miller, who couldn't talk enough about his love for Grundfos."

Jim tried to hire Bobby away, but he was never successful. At one point, Bobby offered him a role to join Grundfos. While Jim wasn't ready to leave, Grundfos remained high on his radar as an industry innovator. Finally, Dennis Wierzbicki, a former Goulds-turned-Grundfos employee, asked the question that changed everything:

"What is it going to take, Jim?"

Six months prior to the 2009 recession, Jim finally accepted an offer with Grundfos. The rest is history!

Jim and His Favorite Bike: When he isn't working or sampling a new craft beer, you'll find Jim on his Specialized Camber mountain bike.

"It's my pride and joy," he shares. "I've been mountain biking since 1992. At the time, my roommates thought I needed a hobby since I traveled so much for work. For my very first ride, we went to the top of Mt. Spokane [in Washington] —  there was snow still on the mountain top! It was beautiful, but I was too slow. My wheel got stuck between rocks, and I ended up with a flat tire after flying over the handlebars," Jim notes. He told his roommates to continue, not wanting to ruin the day. 

"A park ranger finally found me after four hours wandering around the woods, having already ditched my bike in a pile of leaves miles away," Jim says. This only furthered his interest in the sport, and he now rides regularly.

Side Note: Not to add insult to injury, the park ranger assured Jim that this happens all the time, and some people even cross into Idaho.

Fodder for Your Next Conversation with Jim: He follows Pearl Jam all around the country as they tour, and he's a die-hard Syracuse basketball fan.


CSSC Now on Extranet!

Available exclusively to our business partners via the Grundfos Extranet, the chat feature provides you with another option to receive the DBS assistance you need. Once you've logged into the Extranet, select your inquiry and start chatting with a Grundfos support specialist — it's that easy. You'll be greeted by the same Customer Sales and Support Center (CSSC) team member who answers your phone calls and emails about technical and order-related topics. Chat is open from Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT.

CSSC remains available via phone at 1-844-994-2850 and email during the week at