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For many hoteliers, guestrooms will account for up to 80% of a hotel’s total energy use. Cooling and heating make up the majority of this use, meaning which HVAC system a hotel chooses will not only determine its energy bill but also its guest experience.  

Monitoring unit performance is essential to reduce costs and make a HVAC system more energy efficient, especially since heating and cooling loads for a hotel will vary depending on seasons or particular events. Legionnaires’ disease is another key consideration since an outbreak may interrupt services, diminish the guest experience, and lead to considerable financial and reputational costs. 

When to comes to a hotel’s HVAC and pressure boosting systems, reliability is therefore critical. The hotel can never run out of water. It needs to provide access to hot water at all times, and at the desired pressure. And, with hot water demands high, it needs to ensure the highest efficiency levels to prevent excessive costs. 

With intelligent, reliable and efficient pump solutions, it’s possible to prioritise guest comfort at the same time as saving costs. With greater system reliability, 24/7 comfort is ensured. With higher system efficiency, OPEX is reduced. And with more system intelligence, more sustainable operations is secured.

Luxury hotel cuts energy in half and keeps comfort at 100%

When the Midea corporation in Shunde, China, opened its first luxury hotel – the 28-floor Midea Marriott Hotel – it turned to Grundfos to optimize its HVAC, boosting and boiler systems.

Discover how the hotel can provide five-star comfort at half the energy with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS – ensuring systems that constantly adapt to demand, drive down life-cycle costs, reduce noise levels and save energy.

Retrofitting for energy efficiency

When renovating a hotel, a common concern is the compatibility of new systems and the benefits of replacing solutions. But whether the task is upgrading equipment, complying with new regulations or increasing the hotel’s value, it’s essential to keep energy efficiency in mind.

In Grundfos, energy-efficient retrofitting can mean everything from replacing old pumps to transforming the entire system with intelligent solutions that monitor performance.

New hotel project?

At the start of a new hotel project, a number of questions will be asked in relation to HVAC systems since careful planning is critical to integrate and optimise each system. Which pump type is right for the system? Can it be connected to a BMS? And how easy is it to size?

Luckily, Grundfos has a wealth of tools, insights and services to answer these questions and more. We help you select, size, install, commission and maintain your HVAC systems. So you can be sure they meet all your performance needs and provide the best comfort possible. Explore our insights to get started. 

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Every hotel has its own special requirements. But with the right system design, it’s possible to gain complete simplicity and reliability, along with increased water safety and energy efficiency. Grundfos offers a complete range of commercial water pump systems to bring high performance to every hotel. Explore our applications and products below.