Office buildings

Meet a new era of workspace demands

With the growing demand for more sustainable, healthy and collaborative workspaces, the modern office building is changing. These kind of workspaces, however, pose a challenge for conventional HVAC systems. As many areas of an office building have little-to-no access to fresh outdoor air, controlling ventilation and air quality is paramount to ensuring employee comfort and productivity.  

Most office buildings today have conventional systems with large primary pumps that regulate internal air temperatures. But now that the way we use these buildings is changing, this isn’t as functional a solution. To maximise end-user comfort and energy efficiency, it’s now more beneficial to divide the building into smaller zones with sensors reporting to an overall system. 

With more efficient pump solutions, it’s clear that an office building’s energy consumption can be reduced. The result of which is not only a positive impact on climate change and global emissions. It’s the potential to reduce OPEX and CAPEX, improve indoor comfort and health for employees, and increase water safety. Ultimately, this means that throughout the lifetime of a building, staff productivity and end-user satisfaction can be significantly enhanced.

Major bank reduces its energy consumption by 60%

Learn how Jyske Bank maximised their return on investment with Grundfos by reducing energy while increasing savings.  

Retrofitting for energy efficiency

When renovating an office building, a common concern is the compatibility of new systems and the benefits of replacing solutions. But whether the task is upgrading equipment, complying with new regulations or increasing the office building’s value, it’s essential to keep energy efficiency in mind.

In Grundfos, energy-efficient retrofitting can mean everything from replacing old pumps to transforming the entire system with intelligent solutions that monitor performance.

New office building project?

At the start of a new office building project, a number of questions will be asked in relation to HVAC systems since careful planning is critical to integrate and optimise each system. Which pump type is right for the system? Can it be connected to a BMS? And how easy is it to size?

Luckily, Grundfos has a wealth of tools, insights and services to answer these questions and more. We help you select, size, install, commission and maintain your HVAC systems. So you can be sure they meet all your performance needs and provide the best comfort possible. Explore our insights to get started. 

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