Decentralised wastewater treatment

Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

Decentralised wastewater treatment

Dealing with wastewater presents problems worldwide. As our water resources become scarcer it becomes more important for us to find ways to treat wastewater from hospitals and other specialised industries to ensure the water released back into our environment is safe and contaminant free.

Even today, municipal sewage treatment plants are often not equipped to deal with some biological and toxic wastewater, such as wastewater from hospitals that can contain traces of chemotherapy treatments, viruses and multi-resistant bacteria. This poses potentially serious and far-reaching risks to human life and the environment

Grundfos BioBooster
Grundfos BioBooster is a decentralised, compact wastewater treatment unit currently undergoing trials. In a partnership between the regional government of Copenhagen, Denmark and Grundfos, a unit has already shown excellent results at eliminating potentially harmful particles from wastewater at Herlev Hospital, a busy health facility in metropolitan Copenhagen.

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